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There are ancient professions, classical professions, without which it is impossible to imagine the existence of civilization. What would our world be like if designers did not work on its design, if architects did not calculate every detail, if builders did not realize these grandiose plans? Most likely, we would live in caves or hollows, and if someone lived in a tower, they would feel extremely uncomfortable, because such an ill-conceived and ill-calculated tower could collapse at any second.

So, with the fact that construction and design are necessary things, we have figured out. But as the experience with the Tower of Babel shows, construction is not possible if there is no opportunity to share experience and transfer information to each other. That is, there are books, manuals and treatises, textbooks and plans, but if the possibility of live communication is turned off, you can turn off the equipment and leave, it will not work.

You can get information from newspapers, from TV shows, but nowhere can you discuss your problem so vividly, ask a question and get an answer from professionals as on the Internet. There are many wonderful resources, and since you have come to us, I suggest you familiarize yourself with ours.

What's good about the site dvps.ru ? I think after a few minutes of being on the pages of our site, you will be able to answer this question yourself. But for now I can say with confidence that you are always welcome here, and your comfort is taken care of here. It is for the sake of your convenience for DVPS.RU has




Professional developer

This section will be useful for both novice developers and experienced professionals who have successfully completed more than one project, but who wanted to dig deeper into this area and find out how to make their activities even more effective.

Here you can learn more about all the processes related to the development of any real estate: from the construction of large regional shopping centers to the development of cottage settlements. And also about issues related to modern construction technology and management of real estate development plans.

Development is an English term that translates to development. Regarding real estate, this term refers to actions taken to improve it, and, accordingly, increase its value. For example, a land plot in the private sector is not very expensive. But if it is transformed: to bring communications, to build roads or cottage settlements with full infrastructure, then the land plot will acquire new qualities, and its cost will increase many times.

Beginners often do not realize that development is a rather complicated process. In order to properly manage the project, it is necessary to undertake a whole complex of complex processes and actions. In addition, it is necessary to create a high-quality team of employees, and for this it is necessary to select the best personnel capable not only of implementing the project, but also of forming human capital, attracting investments into the project and much more.
It should be remembered that there are no identical development projects. Each project is original in its own way. Even an experienced developer is not immune from making a wrong decision and previously unknown difficulties. Therefore, you can never hope for luck. It is always necessary to be prepared for difficulties and respond adequately to them. Only by possessing these qualities, a developer can become a true professional and achieve maximum results in his activities.